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5 Common E Cigarette Problems (And How To Fix Them)

Sometimes, e-cigarettes can have a few teething problems. Don't panic though! At Grey Haze, we have seen them all. Here are the top 5 most common e-cigarette difficulties and how to fix them. You can thank us later!




You aren't getting enough vapour:

The number one complaint that we hear about e-cigarettes is that customers feel they don't get much vapour from their vape. If you are using a cheap e-cigarette such as an E Lite then that would be your concern. If you are using a decent set-up, like one of our starter kits, then there may be other issues.



There are two different fixes for this:


  • Buy a different e liquid that has a different formula. The way different e liquids are blended mean that their formulas can varying. Some will produce more vapour than other.
  • Check your batteries. A lack lustre battery can be all it takes to create disappointing vapour. Make sure that it is charged up properly, if it is, then it may be time to buy a replacement.



Burnt taste and smell:

Sometimes, e-cigarettes can give off a burnt taste or smell. Not what you want when you're expecting glorious, fruity vapour instead!


There are a couple of reasons (and easy fixes for this!)

  • Refill your e liquid first. You may have run your tank dry and that is why you are getting the burning smell.
  • If you have already filled your tank, then you need to make sure you do not vape straight away after a refill. Let the clearomiser sit for at least five minutes so that the juice has a chance to sock into the wick.
  • Your coil may need replacing too. The coil actually requires replacing about once a month. It can be something that many e-cigarette users overlook.



Clearomiser is leaking:

The only reason a clearomiser would leak (apart from it being faulty) is because it has not been fitted properly. The best way to fit your clearomiser is to give it a half turn anti-clockwise till you hear a click, then screw it on clockwise till it is firmly attached. This avoids mis-threading the clearomiser.




Battery is not working:

Batteries can be one of the harder problems to solve. Take these steps to ensure your battery is working properly.

  1. Some batteries actually turn on and off. Make sure to click it 6 times to make sure it is turned on.
  2. The connection might not be working properly. Ensure that the battery terminal and end of your clearomiser are cleaned.




Gurgling noises:


When vaping, you might find there is a worry gurgling noise coming from the device. There are a couple of mistakes that usually cause this:

  1. The clearomiser is not threaded on properly.
  2. You have overfilled your tank with e liquid. Make sure to empty some out as soon as possible.
  3. The clearomiser is screwed on to the battery too loosely or too tightly.



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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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