Drip Tips

The drip tip is essentially the mouthpiece of an e cigarette. The drip tip is the fancy looking end-piece on top of the device where you inhale from. Many vapers have different preferences for their drip tips. Some prefer a narrower tip which can result in a more concentrated flavour. Conversely, if you favour a wider drip tip this will normally produce more vapour, especially in conjunction with e-liquids designed for cloud chasing. Whatever your preference, Grey Haze supply a whole host of different drip tips to suit your every need. By picking a custom drip tip, you are adding a little character to any set. So take a look at the many, many drip tips we have available and see which suits you. We stock top quality brands of drip tip such as Comp Lyfe, as well as our own Grey Haze e cig drip tip selection, and have the lowest prices available online.