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Custard E-Liquids are decadently creamy, surprisingly smooth and sensually sweet; and with as many different blends as clouds in the sky, it would undoubtedly be a challenge to find a flavour you don't like!

   Our Custard E-Liquid range features countless combinations - it's enough to male your head spin! We have blends such as your traditional, velvety Vanilla Custard; an original blend as old as time! We also have some newer and niche custard blends, like IVG's Bubblegum Custard or Loaded Lemon Custard by Riot Squad.

   Custard is such a versatile and vivacious flavour that it can be paired with almost any fruit or dessert; from a beautiful Butterscotch, to robust, ripe Raspberries. If you prefer a sweeter, smoother vape experience we'd recommend opting for a deliciously decadent pairing such as custard mixed with vanilla, donuts, ice cream or cake. If you prefer a tart and tangy vape, you'd be better off choosing from one of our many fruity flavours, such as custard paired with Blueberry, Raspberry or a simple Strawberry. 

   Our Custard E-Liquids come in a variety of sizes; we have 50ml and 100ml 0mg shortfills for those of who prefer either no nicotine or a low nicotine - ideal for Direct-To-Lung vapers. However, we also have 10ml Custard E-Liquids available in an assortment of nicotine strengths for those who need their nicotine - these are perfect for users of Mouth-To-Lung devices such as Starter Kits and Pod Kits. 

   We know that some of our customers enjoy the simpler, less sweet flavours. If this is the case, you might want to try one of our In-House Blends. The majority of our In-House Blends don't contain any additional additives or sweeteners; which means you can still savour the flavour that you love, without having to worry about the strength of the sweetness that can often be found in some of our branded blends.

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Biscoff Custard by Pablo's Cake Shop Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£10.83£8.66
2 for £20
Vanilla Custard by Pablo's Cake Shop Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£10.83£8.66
2 for £20
Vanilla Custard by Big Bold Creamy Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£9.16£7.33
2 for £25
Liquid Gold by Doozy Legends Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£12.49£9.99

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