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What's the deal with variable voltage?

Many new vapers when browsing ecig sites and looking at reviews, are completely bemused by vari-volt e-cigarettes devices, Z-Max, Vamo, Pro-Vari etc. Not only do they look like industrial grade tools, they look complicated, are large and unwieldy, and seems to be overly complicated. All this for a smoke?


Variable voltage ecigs allow the user to adjust the voltage based on the ohms of the atomizing device they are using. So for example, if you have a 2.4 ohm atomizer, a 2.2 ohm clearomiser and a 2.6 ohm cartomiser, you can adjust the voltage of your ecig accordingly depending on which unit your using.


Some people like harsh warm vapes, they may like to vape at high voltages. Some people like cool smooth vapes, they would set their variable voltage ecig to a lower voltage. As you can figure regular 'ego' type ecigs all come at 3.7v as standard so everyone has pretty much the same vape, and what if you accidentally purchase a high ohm atomizing unit? with a variable voltage e-cigarettes is doesn't matter, you simply adjust the voltage to hit the sweet spot you like no matter what the ohms.


Newer more advanced ecigs now have variable wattage as well as variable voltage controls. This means the device will read the ohms of your atomizer and automatically adjust the voltage to what you like best.


For many people including my self, once you do make the plunge and purchase a variable voltage ecigs, there's no going back. As i see it there's no reason for an ecig to look or even feel like a normal cigarette. A variable voltage device has the flexibility, battery life and most importantly provides the satisfaction smaller e-cigarettes simply can't, all these things are vital in enabling you to quit cigarettes completely. A big part of this is physiologically no longer feeling that your a smoker, but rather a vaper. Holding and smoking something that is unmistakably an ecig helps!




So, which ECig device should I purchase?


This depends of your habits and budget!


The Azteca RSV would be for someone who wants an easy to use device which works right every time, no fiddling, no adjusting, no numbers or screens. The RSV is a rugged device which is simple to use and works right whenever you use it, it regulates voltage depending on the ohms of the unit to give you the perfect vape. It has three voltage settings and only one button, so for those who have not taken the variable volt plunge because they feel its too complicated or cumbersome then this is for you.


Alternatively some thing like the Pro-vari is VERY expensive, it has an LED display so reading it can be difficult, however its popular because it is well built, doesn't break easily and has the most accurate ohms and voltage readings of any device on the market.


Some thing like the Anyvape CVI v2 does everything the Pro-vari does and more! at probably a quarter of the price, it has variable voltage as well as variable wattage functionality, it has an oled screen rather than the old school confusing LED, and it does what it says. However it is a mass produced Chinese MOD and is not as reliable or well built as the Pro-Vari.


Something like the Sigelei Zmax V3 is slightly more expensive than the Anyvape CVI but built to a very high standard, Sigelei produce some of the best and most reliable devices from China, so if you want quality at the best price, then this is probably the way to go!


One thing i have found to hold true is that the cheaper you go the less well built and more prone to breaking your device will become!

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