Temperature control is the newest development in e-cig technology and has caught on in a big way! At first glance it can be a daunting proposition, it seems complicated, confusing and for a new vaper a mistake could be dangerous. Let get to grips with what temperature control is and if these devices suite your needs.

The device:

A temperature control device is usually a box mod with a chip that can regulate the temperate of your coils. This means you can set a temperature your comfortable vaping with via the display, and your coils won't go over that set limit. This also means the device will stop your coils burning your cotton once they are dry, the chip will automatically cut off power to the coils once it senses a dry coil. This huge benefit over regular kanthal coils, where dry hits are not only uncomfortable but also potentially hazardous to health makes temperature control a big thing for the future.  You can view our temperature controlled e-cig devices here.

The tank:

The device is what houses the temperature control chip and your battery, but you cant have temperature control without a tank or rda. Temperature control only works with ni200 or nickle coils, and titanium coils, it is not designed for kanthal coils and will not work with any other type of coils. Every tank which has ni200 or titanium coils will have it clearly stated in the description and on the coil it self. Usually tanks come supplied with both kanthal and ni200 coils heads so you can use which ever you would like to use. Remember temperature control devices can fire both kanthal and ni200 coils it  will automatically switch to temperature mode if it senses a ni200 coil.
You can view our temperature control tanks here.



  • NEVER use ni200, titanium wire with any device not specifically made with temperature control, ni200 has very low resistance and using it with a mechanical mod could cause catastrophic failure of your battery.
  • Always pay attention to the coils you are using if you switch between temp mode and regular mode regularly. You may inadvertently use a temp coil with a non temperature control device.
  • Temperature control does mean you wont have dry burns but you must set it up correctly and if you keep firing it may eventually burn the cotton! 
     Below is a video guide to a popular temperature control device, the DNA40 by EVOLV.