Vaping can seem complicated when you're first getting in to it, especially if you wish to start building your own coils, and purchasing more advanced e-cigs. Here we have compiled a few essential guides to get you started and help you along your way!

Building Coils for an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

Building coils can be difficult in the beginning, but with a guide you get it down in no time! Vaping your e-cig with your own coils, is simply the best way to vape, as you can tailor them to exactly how you like them. Dripping atomizers give you a better hit, tons more vapour production and better flavour than any other device! Start building your own coils with this guide here!

Coiling a RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

Tanks are just like dripping atomizers but with added benefit of a juice tank, meaning no dripping, it makes vaping easy when on the go. Tank although they don't produce as much flavour or vapour as a dripper are popular due to there convenience ease of use, and fuss free usability. Recently new advancments in tank technology means they can produce almost as much vapour and flavour as drippers! Tanks like the Aspire Atlantis and Herakles by Sense are brilliant examples of such units. 

Some times your coils can get really messy, instead of rebuilding the whole thing from scratch and inserting new coils in to your e-cig, you can simply use this method to freshen up your coils, and have them looking like new in no time.

 Battery Safety!

Battery safety is paramount when using e-cigs, although regulated box mod are safer than unregulated mechanical mods, knowing which battery to use, its limits and safe handling of battery is still very important. When using mechanical mods battery is the most important thing, not using a battery properly can result in catastrophic failure of your mod as a mechanical mod has no built in safety circuits.

We highly recommend to all the vapers, please use external charger to charge up any external batteries. We always discourage you to use mods as charger since it puts a lot of pressure on mods and, therefore, it increases more chance for mods to get ruined in very short period of time.