Do you know your vaporizers from your cartomizers? What about the difference between Evil Cloud and a cloud chaser? If not, and you want to learn more about vaping but think that an atomizer is something Dr Who might use, then you're in the right place. Check out our guide to choosing your vaping equipment so you know exactly what you need to get started!

The vaping world is a fast growing industry with a vibrant culture of tricksters and cloud-chasers as well as those who turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco. But as with any new hobby, getting to know your stuff helps to immerse you into that new lifestyle choice. Within a world of constantly developing technology, product architecture and user advancements, there’s bound to be a dictionary’s worth of unfamiliar jargon to wrap your head around.

Whether you are using vaping as an alternative to smoking, or to help aid you to quit altogether, knowing your stuff will keep you motivated in the process.

Whether you’re a new vaper, or someone who already vapes but wants to learn more about the industry, here is our guide to vaping equipment.

Vaping starter kits and beginning of your vaping journey

It makes a lot of sense if you are a beginner to begin with a starter kit. Specially designed for novices and first timers, e-cig starter kits are the ideal way to ease you into your new, healthier habit. Starter kits are complete fuss-free vaping kits that are ready to go.  You just need to add e-liquid to it to start smoking!

All Grey Haze kits come with plenty of flavour and vapour to ensure you get a knock-out taste and help to fulfil those nicotine cravings once and for all! We would recommend you to start with Smok Alien Kit – one of our the most popular starter kits.

As a starting point for existing smokers, you may want to select an e-juice with a high level of nicotine in it - particularly if you are planning on giving up smoking tobacco completely. As you slowly decrease the amount of nicotine present in your e-juices over time, your body will be able to get used to the reduction at a comfortable and healthy pace.

Once you’ve set sail as a fellow cloud-chaser, you’ll more than likely become so infatuated with your new lifestyle, that you’ll begin to start thinking more adventurously. That’s where our more advanced vape mods come in…

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid, or e-juice, is the liquid that you use to fill your device’s tank, which is then vaporised and inhaled, giving you the hit of your chosen flavour when you vape. Our most popular flavours are any of our custard-based vapes - they fly off the shelves with their rich and creamy dessert palette! E-liquid is a combination of water, nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerine and flavours. E-liquids contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycol, or a mixture of the two, which give the vapour body and thickness to replicate smoke but without tobacco, tar or many of the carcinogens associated with smoking. The nicotine content also differs between varieties, so you can opt for strengths between 1mg and 36mg - or even nicotine free. Check our e-liquids guide for more information.

What is a mod?

If you want to talk the talk, then you’re going to have to brush up on some lingo. The commonly used term ‘mod’ gets batted about often during vaping conversations, and though the word is loosely used to describe vaping devices, the original term refers to when DIYers would take their devices apart and build them back up into Frankenstein’s monster cig-a-likes. These were often made using flashlight tubes and over time the word ‘mod’ has then begun to refer to any device that has been modified for vaping use.

At Grey Haze we have the largest selection of e-cig mods in the UK which means our extensive range caters for users of all calibre. From premium brands such as Titan, to affordable devices from Innokin, there is something to suit every style, experience and budget. Our latest editions are generally quick to sell out so we’ve implemented a pre-order option which means you won’t miss out if you’re interested in a new launch.

What are box mods?

The box mod is a statement vaping device combining ergonomics, a large battery and the potential for lots of power. It’s called a box mod simply, because of its box shape aesthetic. However, it is their varying wattage which makes these devices stand out from the sleek tube mods. Box mods generally features a 20 watt maximum sub-ohm capacity, with many ranging from between 30 and 100! Compact box mods can be used for low wattage tank vaping or triple battery tanks that are ideal for cloud chasing!

Box mods have taken the e-cig industry by storm - their durability, ability to provide strong flavour, and consistently huge clouds means they have become a staple of vapers everywhere. Combining the power of a mechanical mod with the consistent delivery of traditional devices, box mods are rapidly becoming the device of choice. At Grey Haze we have box mods from many big brand names including Snowwolf, VGOD and Lavabox.

What are cartomizers?

Cartomizers can usually be found in slightly older styles of e-cigarettes and are a lot like clearomizers (see below). Both of them have a coil and a tank, but the difference lies in the way in which they transport the liquid to the coil. A cartomizer’s cartridge isn’t refillable due to it being packed with an artificial filler called poly-fill - making it a one time usage device.

However, you can purchase ceramic cartomizers which don’t include poly-fill. These are a lot easier to clean and avoid problems such as a bacterial growth. Cartomizers actually already contain the atomizer head and so connect directly to the battery - they aren’t expensive to replace either, and with a promising flavour experience, it works out cheaper and easier to go for a cartomizer over an atomizer or clearomizer.

Cartomizers can come in two different coil configurations; the vertical coil, which runs the length of the cartridge and is surrounded by poly-fill, or the horizontal, which includes no poly-fill. Though as previously mentioned, cartomizers are no longer often used in e-cig production.

What are tanks/clearomizers?

Clearomizers are completely transparent - hence the name. This gives you the added benefit of being able to see clearly how much e-liquid you have left in the tank! They are available in a variety of tank sizes which means you can go for a larger tank to get more out of your vaping session.

Clearomizers also help you to control the amount of liquid that you are using much more easily than a cartomizer or atomizer. The wick is fed into it and you can choose how much of the wick it receives (more about wicks below) by moving it manually. For more advanced vapers, you can customise your session by adding more coils to produce larger volumes of vapour, or you can alter the types of wick that you use.

What are atomizer heads and coils?

An atomizer head may also be referred to as an atomizer coil. It is the section of the device that makes contact with the battery on one side and the e-juice on the other, thus being responsible for vaporising the liquid so it can be inhaled by the user. Present in all clearomizers, a good atomizer will ensure a great taste and large plumes from your e-liquid. These magical ingredients can however, begin to lose performance and so need replacing every couple of weeks to keep the strength in the flavour.

We stock replacement coils from £1.20-£10, depending on your e-cig model, indicating just how cheap vaping can be compared to smoking! We promise quality and safe handling in all of our self-tested products, and our coils are no exception.

What are drip tanks?

Dripping is when you put a ‘drip tip’ on an atomizer on a sealed manual battery and drip e-liquid, a couple of drops at a time, into the atomizer. This is ideal for trying new or thick juices. Dripping produces a denser vapour with cleaner flavours - so it’s perfect for those who wish for bigger clouds, though users claim it intensifies the throat hit. Dripping is also useful if you want to try a handful of flavours in one session, rather than having to switch your tanks.

A drip tip is, in essence, an additional mouthpiece. You inhale from it just as you would normally, though with the added benefit of it being tailored to your preferences. Some prefer wider tips to produce more vapour, whilst flavour lovers tend to opt for narrower tips. Obviously, dripping isn’t really suitable for when you are on the move, but it’s a nice way to relax and enjoy your vaping device whilst stable and comfortable at home!

What is wick and wire?

For the electronic cigarette fanatic and advanced users; wick and wire is your calling. If you’re into piecing together your own rebuildable atomizer, then you will need to get your hands on some wick. Different thicknesses of the wick wire can impact the different amounts of resistance - so it’s essential you understand what you are doing and looking for.

Batteries and Chargers

Most e-cigs plug directly into the wall for charging, with no-messing. Most first-time users opt for automatic batteries as they want their cig-a-likes to resemble traditional cigarettes as much as possible, in order to make the transition easier from smoking to vaping more natural. Automatic batteries register when the user is inhaling on the device and switches on - a manual battery needs you to press and hold a button for it to work.

Variable voltage batteries allow you to increase or decrease the voltage - generally by twisting the end of the battery or pressing a button. This can alter the amount of vapour and the throat hit to your personal preferences. The battery capacity is generally measured in milliamp hours (mAh); the higher the rating, the higher the capacity of the battery, meaning it will last longer. Most e-cig batteries output 3.7 volts.

The battery life all depends on how you use your device and how often. Using a higher voltage will drain the battery quicker than using a lower voltage and someone who takes shorter drags will extend their battery life longer than someone who takes long drags. When you first get hold of your new vaping device, be sure to fully charge it before using it. Most batteries are lithium ion and cannot be overcharged, so don’t worry about that!

We hope that helps you improve your understanding of the equipment and terminology used in the industry - we have a series of guides to equipment, e-liquids and maintenance on the Grey Haze website to help you get the most from your vaping. Please get in touch if there are other topics you would like to see covered!