How do you choose the best e-liquid? Read our guide for hints and tips on picking the right liquid for your vaping needs!

What is e-liquid?

Ok so first off, if you’re new to vaping you’ll need to know a thing or two about e-liquids. Otherwise known as e-juices or flavourings, e-liquids are the substances that you put into your vaping device in order to make it taste great. It is in essence, at the heart of vaping, and definitely one of the best reasons to put down those cancer sticks for good.

The e-liquid contains differing levels of nicotine (there are also nicotine free varieties), and turns into the vapour which you inhale once it has been heated up. It’s generally formulated using only two to five ingredients (explained below), a significant drop from the 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes!

Nicotine strength

Here at Grey Haze our range includes e-liquids with zero nicotine in them - recommended for those who have slowly reduced their level of nicotine to lower levels in order to help quit smoking safely, or those who have never smoked. To begin with, if quitting smoking it is advisable to take up an e-liquid that contains a higher level of nicotine so that your body can get used to this new habit, whilst you plan to decrease the strength of the nicotine step by step.

Most of our e-liquids come in either 30ml, 50ml, 60ml or 120ml bottles with nicotine strengths between 0mg, 3mg, 5mg, 6mg or 12mg depending on the brand and flavour. The nicotine usually takes up between 0%-2.4% of the ingredients in the e-liquids.

Varieties in Flavour

From fruity cocktails and creamy desserts to savoury baking, our vast variety of e-liquids caters for everyone's taste buds and cravings! From big name brands such as Seduce Juice, Space Jam and  Evil Cloud, it’s a difficult decision to make when deciding which to opt for. We recommend having at least three flavours to hand (particularly when you’re starting off and are curious to try new ones!) all different points in the day and to satisfy each need. Having a luxury blend for special occasions is a nice finish for at the end of a big meal, though you’ll be wanting at least two everyday use e-liquids for your mornings, afternoons, work and leisure. However, you can also enjoy traditional cigarette flavours of tobacco or menthol, as some find this easier whilst starting out on their cigarette quitting journey.

What are e-liquids made from?

E-liquids have base ingredients to create a smooth flavour. The two main base ingredients are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - some e-liquids have both and some contain only one. Often you’ll see ‘PG/VG’ written on our product listings, followed by ’70/30’ - this is the ratio of PG to VG. These ingredients are then mixed with flavours to create the deliciousness of our fruity vapes.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a flavour carrier in food products, food colouring and also in various pharmaceuticals. It is a non-toxic substance that when mixed with VG, creates a smooth blend. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is another non-toxic, thick substance.

E-liquids with higher PG percentage provide a stronger Throat Hit, and therefore you would enjoy them the most if you are quitting traditional smoking. VG has a slightly sweet taste and is noticeably thicker than PG. VG based liquids would produce thick clouds of vape, so if you are looking for cloud chasing, high VG is the way to go. 

If you are just starting, we would recommend you to choose a 50/50 e-liquid and then adjust that according to your taste.

The other ingredients generally found in the e-cig juices are distilled water, nicotine and additional flavourings, though the VG and PG make up 95% of the liquid.

Grey Haze e-liquid

We have our very own line of e-liquids that you can purchase from our website! Our unique blends are all made in the UK with specially sourced, local ingredients. Our best seller is the Grey Haze Custard, followed closely by the refreshing Strawberry Cream, and Rainbow Fruit (which resembles the classic ‘5 Alive’ drink we used to have as kids!). Other exotic flavours include Watermelon, Raspberry Ice Cream, Cherry Punch and Cola Bottles.

Cloud chasing vs. ordinary juices

So you also now have the choice of selecting a juice that will either provide excessive smoke plumes for cloud chasing (tricks) or stronger tasting juices for ordinary vaping sessions. Grey Haze's very own Cloud Chaser range of e-liquids are mixed to give you more cloud for your cash! Our formula uses a 100% vegetable glycerin (VG) base and with a range of over 40 delicious varieties, you're bound to find the right e-liquid for you here.


For those of you that wish to have huge, thick and dense clouds when you exhale, then a cloud chaser vaping liquid is what you’re looking for! Because it’s made with a high VG percentage, it is extremely thick and makes for larger plumes and intense throat hits.

What to avoid?

If you’re a novice, then don’t opt for cloud chasing e-liquids just yet. You need to start the process steadily by slowly replacing your traditional tobacco filled cigarettes with the higher nicotine content e-liquids. Once you feel like you are ready to move down, opt for a slightly lower strength of nicotine. Do this all the way down until you can finally enjoy a nicotine free juice!

We also better mention the dreaded dry hit. Dry hits are the worst thing to befall the vaper - it’s been described as the devil blowing fire into your lungs; a burning sensation that is most unpleasant. To avoid a dry hit, ensure that your wick is saturated and prime your coil before vaping. Allow around ten minutes for your coil to absorb the juice before vaping if you’ve replaced it.

Another top tip is to make sure you always have battery! Trust us, there is nothing worse than heading off on a long trip and forgetting to recharge your device. D’oh! Dependant of course on your device and what it is capable of, a mini USB charger may prove an essential backup plan to keep in your car or bag just in case this happens!

Our Recommended Flavours

At Grey Haze we have over 50 brands of e-liquid to choose from, including our very own home-made concoctions! Choosing a flavour really depends on your personal tastes, but getting a handful of different flavours to begin with will help you to determine which sort you like to vape the most and at what times.

Our custard e-liquids have proven to be amongst the most popular, with customers stating that after a meal, the dessert flavoured juice satisfies their cravings perfectly! Here are another five of our top branded flavours explained:

  1. JUNGLE BAKE by Evil Cloud - delicious oven baked vanilla cookie infused with sweet pieces of tropical banana.
  1. LUSCIOUS by VGOD - one of best selling e-juices; a sweet watermelon mixed with a medley of melon undertones, ideal for an all occasion vape.
  1. A$AP GRAPE by Nasty Juice - Black grape blended with ripe berry and other fruity favourites to create a bitter exhale with sweet berry notes on the side.
  1. 120 CREAM POP by Mad Hatter - Vanilla ice cream topped with cream and sour orange sherbet!  
  1. 2 DIE 4 by The Refuge - an absolute classic replica of your Grandma’s famous apple pie. A thick cinnamon filled flaky pie crust that oozes tart apple goodness - it really is to die for.