D.I.Y Vaping E-Liquids

At Grey Haze we are avid eliquid mixers! For the uninitiated mixing your own eliquids can seems like a daunting task. However it can be easy, satisfying and a great pass time!

There are multiple reasons to mix your own juice, it can save you money, you can create the flavours you always wanted to try, and simply experiment to create a great vape on a budget!

We have introduced our new DIY eliquid section you can see here. You can see our ready made vaping brands here, and our best sellers like VGOD here.

So how does eliquid mixing work? First we must determine what makes up eliquid.

  • PG
  • VG
  • Flavouring
  • Nicotine

Flavouring normally consists of around 10 to 20% of the total composition of the mix. Depending on your own tastes you can either add more or less. You can combine multiple flavours to create whatever you like.

PG and VG are the two main components of eliquid and can make up 80% of the total mix. PG is much thinner and carries flavouring better, VG is thicker tastes sweet and produces much more vapor. Generally a 50/50 mix is the industry standard with up 80 percent VG for eliquids specialised for drippers. 

The nicotine is normally supplied in 54 or 72mg 100ml bottle, this must then be diluted down to which ever strength you require by using a PG/VG combination.

We supply ready mixed nicotine base in 0mg 3mg 6mg or 12mg in 50/50 or Max VG, this simplifies the process and makes it much easier to create your own eliquid. all you have to do is add 20% of any combination of flavouring you wish.


E-Liquid Calculator