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Vaporesso Coils

Vaporesso are one of the biggest brands within the vape industry, popular for their premium quality and dedication to developing durable products that last - and their attitude to their coils is no different. Vaporesso coils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from small MTL coils to sizable sub ohm coils that are perfect for producing thick clouds.
Coils that have been created by Vaporesso are well known for their longevity, which is partially down to their resistance to burning, but is also because of their innovative ceramic construction. Vaporesso’s CCell (Ceramic Cell) coils feature a contemporary design with a porous ceramic wick for a purer, more authentic flavour.
In our collection, you’ll find coils for any and every Vaporesso vape you could imagine, from the GTX to the GTi as well as everything in between. Shop our range today for one of the largest selections of Vaporesso vape coils within the UK.




About Vaporesso Coils

Vaporesso have been crafting coils and kits since 2015. Since those early days they have become a world renowned name within the vape industry, popular for their variety of vapes and accessories which clearly demonstrate their commitment and passion for high quality craftsmanship.
Vaporesso’s coils come in many forms, from push-fit coils for their iTank vape tank, to screw-fit coils for their older generations of vapes and tanks. However, their most well known coils are their CCell coils - a type of ceramic coil with a higher level of porosity which absorbs vape juice more efficiently. This in turn creates a coil that’s capable of providing much better flavour and performance than standard coils by other manufacturers.
Other types of coil that Vaporesso produce are those such as the GT coils and EUC coils - both of which are available in a range of resistances, which makes them suitable for a range of vapes and vapers alike!

How long do Vaporesso Coils last?

Thanks to their high-quality materials and careful construction Vaporesso coils are capable of lasting for up to a maximum of 4 weeks, although it does depend on usage. To make your Vaporesso coil last longer it’s important that you take care of it; this means that you should prepare it before you use it for the first time, always make sure it’s saturated by topping up your vape tank, and take breaks between vaping sessions to allow your coil the chance to soak up more vape juice.

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