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 Our Creamy E-Liquid range is sure to brighten your day with their deep, rich flavours and aromas - they're mouthwateringly mellow without being too mild. Amongst our Creamy range of e-liquids we have the ever popular tried and tested vanilla flavours, which are both sweet and smooth - the perfect flavour to compliment tea, coffee, cake and much more! However, if you feel that you'd prefer things a little fruity we have just the flavour for you! Soft and succulent, our superb strawberries and cream blend is a pleasure on the palate; it's the type of flavour that never gets too sweet or sickly - if ever we were to rank our favourite flavours it would undoubtedly be amongst our Top 10 all-day vapes! Don't believe us? Try it for yourself, we're sure you'll agree!

   We've found that our Creamy e-liquids are ideal for both experienced vapers and those that have just started - these flavours are both light and luscious which makes them a firm favourite amongst most vapers! There are also so many different combinations available that it's impossible to find a flavour you don't like amongst our sizeable selection.

   Seeing as you're positively spoilt for choice, it might be difficult for you to discern which combinations and concoctions work well together. We've found that flavours such as vanilla work best when blended with toffee, caramel, coffee or tobacco - but there are also heaps of flavoursome fruits that work well with vanilla due to its easy going mild manner. We think you'll find that the delectable creaminess complements almost any flavour, it can also either lighten or enhance the other flavours that it's paired with.

   So why not enjoy one of our Creamy e-liquids today? We have a huge selection available for same-day delivery within Birmingham, so long as you order before 4pm Monday - Friday and Next Day Delivery across the UK.

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pods P1
Regular price£4.99£3.29
CUBANO - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£12.49£8.33
CUBANO Black - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£12.49£8.33
Cubano VGOD Salt Nic E-Liquid 10ml
Regular price£4.16£3.12
VAPSI 6XY Disposable Vape Kit
Regular price£4.99£1.66
Elf Bar Cigalike Disposable Vape
Regular price£3.33£1.66
CUBANO Silver - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£12.49£8.33
Voom Iris 600 Puff Disposable Vape
Regular price£5.83£2.35

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