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What Costs More? Smoking vs. Vaping

Vaping involves the use of electronic devices that hold e-liquids and flavoured juices that when smoked, produce appealing tasting vapour mixed with nicotine. Because it eradicates many of the harmful chemicals that are present in ordinary tobacco filled cigarettes, vaping is considered a much healthier alternative and in many cases, has helped previous smokers to quit! Overall, vaping is a much healthier and pleasant past time than tobacco sticks - it smells and tastes a lot nice too!

So other than the usual arguments as to why you should turn to vaping as a more productive alternative i.e. decreased risk of side effects and disease ensured by the absence of poisonous chemicals, there are constant conversations and debates surrounding the cost of vaping compared to traditional smoking. A lot of people assume that because vaping involves more technologically advanced devices that instantly make it a more affluent activity, but depending on what mods you consider and from which brands, that really is not the case.

There have been suggestions made that because e-cigarettes can help smokers to cut out their dirty habit, that they should be offered on the NHS to help addicts cut down, just as they would use a nicotine patch etc. Whilst it seems that this endorsement from the NHS is a step towards medicalising our beloved e-cigs, they still remain a recreational product.

So, what really does cost more? Vaping or smoking?

Lets say I am an average smoker, purchasing a pack of 10 every day of the week, every week of the month. A standard pack of Mayfair is around £4.74, lets do some simple maths:

£4.74 x 7 = £33.18 a week

£33.18 x 4 = £132.72 a month

£132.72 x 12 = £1,592.64 a year

Perhaps I smoke a 20 pack every dayand lets say it costs around £7.90 per packet:

£7.90 x 7 = £55.30 a week

£55.30 x 4 = £221.20 a month

£221.20 x 12 = £2654.40 a year 

Now lets take a look at how much it would cost me to vape. If we look at the table below, it indicates that the average vaper consumes around 3-4ml of e-liquid each day.

If we take the Viper Subzero Sub-OHM starter kit as our example, were looking at paying a one off payment of £19.99 for the following:

  • 1x Viper Sub Ohm 1100mAh Pass-Through Battery

  • 1x Venom Sub Ohm Nano Tank

  • 1x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip

Then if we take an average price of a £8 per 15ml bottle of e-juice, youll be paying an estimated minimum of £16 a week for around 2 bottles of e-liquid.

So £16 x 4 = £64 a month, which is around £768 a year. Then plus the one off payment for your vaping device (the starter kit) on top which is £19.99 + £768 = £787.99. This of course doesnt take into account the cartridges and upgrades along the way, but you can see from these basic figures that vaping does work out significantly cheaper than smoking. And thats if you use the average amount accounted for - if youre using less than that or using vaping to cut down, then youll not only find your health fuller but your pocket too!

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