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The VooPoo VMATE Box Mod!

The VooPoo VMATE Box Mod!

VooPoo is a Chinese ecig hardware manufacturer specialising in box mods, a relatively new company on the vaping world, they burst on to the scene with their incredible DRAG box mod, which is still one of the best selling box mods in the world. 

We launched a special edition DRAG mod on its release in gun metal which sold out pretty much immediately. We at grey haze knew it was something special and VooPoo were on to some thing.

voopoo drag

EVOLV have dominated the premium vape mod chip set for years, being the only recognised chip set brand to most consumers and manufacturers. For a long time Chinese chip sets were seen as just OK, or just good enough. VooPoo released there gene chip set to rave reviews. Capturing a market that wanted a premium product like the EVOLV but at a discounted price.

The Gene chip allowed advanced vapers to use a box mod like a mech mod safely, being that the the chip set fired at low wattage with almost no lag. Coupled with its reliability and the stable consistent vape it proves along with its long list of features and modes, the Gene chip was bound to be a success.

voopoo vmate gene chip

The VooPoo Drag did have it down sides, it was criticised for its size, blocky uninspired design and small out dated OLED screen. Even though, due to its success many others followed suite and copied its function over form ethos, and a plethora of box mods have now been released that look very similar to the DRAG. VooPoo being the innovator they are have now switched things up, with the all new VooPoo Vmate they have taken things to a higher gear!

voopoo vmate mod

The VooPoo Vmate addresses all the Drags issues, with an all new battery configuration, all new design based on aesthetics, comfort and ease of use, and build materials geared toward reducing the mods weight as much as possible. As well as an updated lighter and more compact Gene Chip set inside.

VMATE by VooPoo is a breath of fresh air, a compact light weight box mod that doesn't feel cheap, or covered in tacky LEDs or gimmicks. Its designed with the user in mind, crafted to perfect the vaping experience, it feels grown up, a mod one wouldn't be embarrassed to use in public.

voopoo vmate mod


The VooPoo VMATE is designed to be your flag ship mod, the work horse you will use time after time, as a reliable sturdy mod to go with any thing you throw at it. With advanced features like on board 2 amp battery charging, a full temperature control suite to support nickle, titanium and stainless steel coil wires, and a whole host of safety features to ensure this mod is one of the safest out there. The VooPoo VMATE fires up to an astounding 200w and can fire coils as low as 0.05 ohms all the way up to 3 ohms! Technically this mod speaks for its self, and should be the only box mod you'll ever need!


vmate spec

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