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The Best E-Liquid Flavours for Autumn

The season of the harvest is upon us - where the trees lose their foliage and the succulent leaves begin to crisp, forming a crunchy carpet beneath the branches. Conkers bounce across the pathways and squirrels scavenge for acorns to pile up for the winter! It sounds as rich as the beginning of a fairytale, but that’s the beauty of the autumn equinox. As we phase out of summer and enter the autumnal season, everything changes. The clothes on our backs, the activities in which we partake, even our functions and desires alter slightly to suit the weather and the natural occurrences that take place during this period of winter preparation.

So it’s no wonder that our tastes change too! I always found that in summer I craved fruit; juicy, refreshing palettes that cleansed and felt healthy. Unfortunately in the winter, all I crave is sugary comfort food - hence why there’s such a stigma over people gaining weight over Christmas and wanting to shed the pounds in the summer. We are generally, instinctively healthier in the summer because the sunny weather encourages us to get outdoors and active! The cold during the winter months makes us want to huddle up in front of the TV and fire, indulging in our comforts.

So what do we want in autumn? As a middle season our bodies and cravings can extend both ways generally depending on what’s happening in the sky. It’s a strange phenomenon - but it makes complete sense. We can sometimes feel a little depressed when it rains, because the sky is moody and grey - it makes us feel the same. During these wetter days we tend to opt for the more hearty, sugary tastes - in our food and of course, in our e-liquids.

With this in mind, we’ve selected a couple of our favourite autumnal inspired flavoured juices for your e-cigarettes that we think will bring your tastebuds pleasure during this transitional time! Goodbye summer smoothies and hello rich autumn desserts…

The Best E-Liquid Flavours for Autumn


    Our in-house custard e-liquid is the perfect remedy for those wintry blues. With all ingredients sourced from the UK, we can promise a creamy, smooth and unmatchable flavour with a 100% vegetable glycerol base for making large clouds!  Highly recommended by those who have tried it, the custard e-liquid has become a favourite amongst avid vapers and has been described as a ‘must try for those with a penchant for puddings!’


    Envision a doughy ring of sweet bread, heavily glazed and smothered in wholesome peanut butter - that is the creamy consistency of the PBD by popular brand, Evil Cloud. For those vapers with a desire to yield to their sweet tooth, pick up the PBD for an after meal treat!


    As strawberries go out of season you’ll be wanting to savour that sweet sticky flavour for as long as possible! The solution? A strawberry jam flavoured e-liquid! Though this delightful condiment comes with a crunchy back-note of buttery toast to ensure the flavour is fulfilling!


    Raise your hand if you love pudding! Charlie G is a heart warming home-made pastry fritter filled with apple cinnamon and christened in a light sugary icing. A mouth-watering dessert to alert the tastebuds with tantalisingly tart tang and a crispy sweet exhale. Scrummy! 


    A favourite fried dessert across the Americas is the doughy churro. Originally created by the Spaniards as a sugar-sprinkled pastry, this delicious and historic pud comes with hints of vanilla bean ice cream for a well-rounded aftertaste of pure bliss.

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