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Insight into Three of our Favourite E-Liquids

Insight into Three of our Favourite E-Liquids

At Grey Haze we have an illustrious variety of awesome e-liquids from both well known and up and coming vaping brands - heres the low down on three of our favourites!


In the depths of an ominous laboratory, a crazed scientist (Grey Hazes very own Creative Director, Dan) brought to life the Franken-vape of all e-liquids. Nefariously devised to suffice all his dark cravings, Evil Cloud was birthed from baneful innovation and seductive flavours. Though its satanic appearance may cast shadowy doubt, the e-juice is delightfully heavenly.

We stock a range of their tantalising flavours for only £14.99 or you can get your hands on a wicked bundle of four for £49.99.

Featured Flavours:

  • Yellow Belly - smooth vanilla custard for those with a sweet tooth!
  • PBD - Peanut Jelly? This one is peanut butter doughnut! Picture a lavishly glazed ring doughnut, smothered generously in PB.
  • Jungle Bake - Oven baked crumbly vanilla cookie infused with the tropical decadence of sugary sweet banana. Its healthy if it involves fruit right?
  • Blush Formula - creamy and indulgent, Blush Formula is an organic strawberry milk with a hint of spongey cake to sooth your second stomach (the one you reserve for the deserts when your normal belly is full).
  • Summer Syrup - Perfect for the summer months is a new evil concoction of icy grape soda, pineapple juice, limeade and zesty lemon for a cocktail of refreshing e-juice. Fitting for a beach or festival!


    Crafted in California, Naked Fish has made waves in the e-juice ocean, though still relatively fresh on the scene. Boasting BIG flavour and larger than life clouds, Naked Fish was created with the mod vaper in mind. The e-liquids are handcrafted using Nicselect Nicotine and the highest quality Vegetable Glycerin and USP Kosher Food Grade Propylene Glycol.

    We stock a range of their whirlwind flavours for only £16.99 each

    Featured Flavours:

    • Piranha - a tasty explosion of vanilla custard combined with fluffy whipped cream.
    • Barracuda - Sweet fruits and honeydew dominate this exotic medley of tropical flavours. Itll dance on your tongue like a Caribbean doing the Mambo!
    • Great White - Tart key lime pie with a little hint of custard, wrapped in a graham cracker crust! Theres none of the baking hassle involved, but you get to reap all the rewards of the aftermath
    • Sting Ray - fresh berries and peanut butter with a soft dose of vanilla to swirl in the nutty, fruity flavours.
    • Wahoo - try this for breakfast; fruity cereal and vanilla cream blend.


      The clue is in the title; they are the gods of vaping! V-God produce premium, Max-VG all-day vape e-liquids and are making quite a name for themselves in the industry. Born in Southern California and renowned for using only locally sourced ingredients for the best quality, big clouds - perfect for tricksters!

      As one of our larger lines, we have several e-juices from V-God for a mere £7.99 or a bundle of 6 of the best for £39.99! Heavenly.

      Featured Flavours:

      • Blue Dream - Sour citrus notes are calmed with the refreshing and crisp taste of sweet summer blueberries.
      • Dewbie - a signature base of cream blended with honeydew melon; a real knock out juice!
      • Luscious - A fruit salad of melon, melon and melon! A melody of melon for the melodious vaper.
      • Lushice - The V-Gods like their melon! Watermelon flavour with a clean and crisp exhale, ideal for those warm summer evenings.
      • Tornad-o - This recent addition is a wild fruity cereal flavour thatll blow you away!
      • Vngel - Ooh, wild strawberries dunked in cream - who could turn this classic dish down? If youre a big fan of the juicy red berry then this is the juice for you, as it combines several different types of strawberry to enhance its tart flavour.
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