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With the arrival of a healthier, funkier and culture changing product such as the e-cigarette, it’s inevitable that it will cause trouble for the tobacco industry. Acting as a replacement product in most cases, e-cigarettes have increased massively in popularity meaning that the tobacco industry are taking a hit to their sales. Figures from the American bank Wells Fargo published in 2013, indicated that tobacco sales in the US were down 4.5% - why? well amongst other factors, they believe it was to do with the increased sales of e-cigarettes.

Experts have suggested that within the next decade, e-cigarettes may surpass traditional cigarettes in both sales and popularity. Though they’re still considered a recent product on the market, electronic cigarette devices are rapidly advancing and despite their once negative reception, they’re now finally being marketed and seen as the revolutionary, life-changing tools that they are.

Statistics show that e-cigarettes are more effective in helping quitters put down tobacco than any other method including gum, patches, inhalers, sprays and lozenges. This demonstrates one of the reasons why there has been such rapid growth in the industry and a decline on tobacco - of course, as well as being the healthier (e-lite devices are 95% less harmful than cigarettes), tobacco free, alternative that tastes great with all the choices of e-liquids that are available.

“65% of those who were using an e-cigarette on a daily basis went on to make an attempt to give up smoking within the year, compared with 44% of smokers who were not using e-cigarettes.”

- Addiction journal.

But will it outdo smoking? Will the traditional cigarette industry fall eventually under the war hammer that is vaping? Nobody really knows, but it would certainly be a positive step forward for mankind. Citigroup have predicted that in our developed world in 2050, smoking tobacco will no longer exist. The graph below showcases Citigroup’s evidence to the theory that smoking will be eradicated by 2050. Though the markets in Europe have altered their smoking regulations throughout the years, their graph shows a similar trend, predicting that cigarette use could have numbered days.

With a growing celebrity following, e-cigarettes are becoming more of a household name - their marketing is increasing and their benefits becoming more widely known as opposed to the ambiguity they brought with them when they began. Businesses have also trying to get as many of the devices into production before the recent FDA ruling - as they have been severely regulated or even banned in other countries across the globe. It is a tragic shame that our industry is being pulled down by governments due to sheer ignorance to the fact that these devices can help make a great difference! Yes, research into the future of e-cigarettes is ongoing, like most science, but scholarly articles have concluded that they are the safer option for smokers.

We aren’t scientists, so we can’t really throw our predictions in, but we can definitely envision a bright future where ex-smokers are puffing away on cherry flavoured clouds and are not penalised for smoking indoors or around loved ones - the bad smells will fade, the horrible side effects of smoking (lung cancer, bad breath, rotten teeth, yellowing nails, vocal damage etc.) will be eradicated… you aren't going to cancel out nicotine anytime soon - not with how many people around the world currently smoke and are addicted to it. But, vaping reduces the amount of nicotine used and can certainly aid a person to eventually reducing their use to nothing at all. It’s all down to our will power, people. Make our future bright!


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