eCigs: A Beginners Guide

By:bilal mahmood

eCigs: A Beginners Guide

Finding the right ecig can be a daunting task for some! Here we have attempted to make it a little easier by out lining the pros and cons of ecig starter kits, batteries and tanks!



What you need:

If you want to keep things simple, start of with a complete starter kit. This will usually include two batteries and two clearomizers with a manual some eliquid and a charger.



Recommended starter kits:

The Evod kit: This is a great kit for any type of smoker, featuring two bottom coil clearomizers which provide a fantastic vape, you hardly ever get a dry hit, they are easy to fill, and very reasonably priced.


The eGo kit: The eGo kit usually comes as a pair or single unit, and unlike the evod kit features mostly a top coil clearomizer design. A very popular kit which very recognisable. works great for heavy or light smokers, you should be able to choose from either 600mAh or 900mAh batteries.


The iTaste MVP v2: For the smoker looking to jump right in to the mix and get their hands on an advanced piece of kit. The MVP does have advanced features such as variable wattage and voltage, although these may seem complicated they simply allow you to adjust the power of the battery to get the vape exactly as you like it. The MVP v2 has a massive battery like full ego cone and 510 threading, has variable voltage and wattage modes! The kit will come with one MVP 2.0 and one iClear30 tank, charger and manual.

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If you have already purchased a starter kit and are looking for either a battery or a tank, you could be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices. Here are the batteries and atomizer we most recommend! Sometimes a regular ego battery isn't enough, higher voltages can give your vape an extra kick.


iTaste VV 3: This is a fantastic battery for anyone, well made, looks fantastic and is packed full of features. It has LCD screen which shows you a puff counter, a plus and minus button to easily adjust the wattage or voltage, it has ego cone and 510 threading so you can use almost any device on it! This battery is most reccomended as the next step up from a regular ego type battery, it will give you a taste and the vape and features some of the more advanced and larger mods can provide.


Ego twist: The ego twist is a step up from a standard battery, it has a dial on the end which allows you to set the voltage any where from 3.4 to 4.8 volts. As regular ego batteries have a fixed 3.7v output some atomizers can feel a little muted, simply attached the device to a twist and notch up the dial till you hit the sweet spot! The ego twist is a relatively cheap battery which can get the most out of your clearomizers and tanks!


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Atomizers & Tanks:

Every atomizer is unique and provides a different vape, it can get boring using the same device day in and day out. Below are some of the tank we recommend.


iSmoka BCC Mini & Mega: Bottom coils tanks are now all the rage, and no one makes BCC tanks better than iSmoka. The iSmoka BCC range provide incredible flavour, hardly ever leak have non existence wicking issues and they look the part too! The BCC range are very reasonably priced and made by the same people behind the Joytech products, so quality poor quality will never be an issue.


Kanger Protank: The Protank is unique as it was the first mass produced clearomizer to feature a glass pyrex tank, and at a relatively cheap price as well. The Protank like the iSmoka has a bottom coil design, features replaceable atomizer heads which can be purchased very cheaply and compatibly with Evod heads. the new Protank 2 has now been released and like orignal looks better than pretty much any other device! The best thing about the Protank is you no longer need to worry about any juice cracking your tanks!


Innokin iClear30: The iclear30 dual coil clearomizer tank by Innokin. Innokin a known to produce some of the best quality products available from China, the iClear30 is no exception. although not a bottom coil, the iclear30 has yet to give us a single dry hit, as it uses 4 long wicks with two coils allowing it wick fantastically well. the iclear30 features a rotatable drip tip as well!


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