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How to maintain an e-cig atomizer.

  1. After unscrewing the atomizer from the battery of the e-cigarette, blow in to the top of the atomizer while holding a tissue underneath it, until no more e-liquid will come out. (Please refer to the arrow on picture). After blowing in to the atomizer, clean up any residual liquid on the bottom of the atomizer.

  2. Screw the atomizer on to the battery and soak the atomizer in rubbing alcohol about 80% to the top, press the battery button until the LED light flickers for 10 seconds. Repeat the above 4~5 times and take care not to soak the battery button to alcohol.

  3. After separating the atomizer again, blow out alcohol inside of the atomizer and clean up internal & external of atomizer with tissue. (Please refer to the arrow on picture)

  4. Dry the atomizer by using a dryer or in the open air for 24 hours until no liquid is left in the atomizer. If you don't let it dry completely, the vapor may not be as plentiful as it should be.

  5. After drying up the atomizer, put 2 drops of liquid to around pin and both gaps. And then, you can use the e-cigarette again after combining the atomizer and the cartridge.

Atomizers can be very fragile, and it is vital that you rotate usage between the two you will receive to ensure your e-cigarettes will last as long as possible. This cleaning method is generally only done when your e-liquid does not taste right, or you have some sort of blockage which is causing your e cigarette to produce less vapour than usual.

Generally simply blowing the atomizer out is usually enough. however if this does not do the trick the instructions outlines above should do it!


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