What is 'dripping' and how do you do it?

By:bilal mahmood

What is 'dripping' and how do you do it?


What is “Dripping”?

Dripping is a method of juice delivery where instead of using the cartridge and filler that comes with your e-cigarettes, you drip your juice directly on to your atomizer and vape it. There are a couple reasons why this method is kind of superior to using other methods:


  • You actually get a lot more flavor from the eliquid and no filler taste. Although our tank system provides a fantastic vape, dripping slightly edges it in taste, smoke and hit.


  • Lots and lots of vapour, lots of throat hit and plenty of satisfaction! Dripping works incredibly well with the RSV kit and variable voltage devices, it will completely change your vaping experience if used with a variable voltage ecig. This is because you can fine tune your vape to exactly how you like it.



How do you drip?


  • Remove your cartridge and replace it with a drip tip, preferably a steel one as they last longer although some people do not like the feel of a metal drip tip. They are available in various sizes please check our accessories page.


  • Drip 2-3 drops of your eliquid directly on to your atomizer, right on to the center pin and around the edges. XL Atomizers can take 4 to 6 drops, 2 drops would be sufficient in a smaller atomizer. Put the drip-tip back on and vape away. This should last anywhere in between 5-8 full puffs before you need to drip again.


  • We also sell atomizers made for the sole purpose of drippings. There are two types in our store, one is a RDA or repairable dripping atomizer. This atomizer can hold many more drops than a standard atomizer as it does not have air holes at the bottom and will not leak, this type of atomizer is completely repairable and reusable, you can simply buy or build a brand new coil. The other type of atomizer is called a 'bridge less atomizer' This is like a standard ego type atomizer only it has no center pin, just three small holes with the coil visible beneath.


Note- If you put too much eliquid in your atomizer, it will leak and it will also not make vapor. This is because it is “flooded”. If this happens to you, just keep drawing on your e cigarette until you start getting vapor again. You will figure out in time how many drips to drop to get the most out of your experience.

How to make dripping even better?

The thicker the juice the better! 100% VG works best with dripping as its thick and flavorsome.


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