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Why are vaping devices, drones and hoverboards in the news for exploding?

Why are vaping devices, drones and hoverboards in the news for exploding?

Seem everytime we pick up the newspaper theres always a report on exploding vape mods or hoverboards. Although its a tiny portion of the overall sales but it enough to put you off from purchasing these new modern equipment.

We have good knowledge on why its happening, put it this way you cant compare the hoverboard to the ecig industry there are ensentially two different problems.

Like many people we have narowed the problem to the battery but I wouldnt say the same about the vaping industry

Battery issues have a long dark history, one of the reasons ecigs have recently become popular is due to development in battery technology, remember ecigs were invented a long time ago. Back in the early 2000s lithium ion battery problems were very bad, laptops were exploding all over the world, you cant simply pour water to distinguish them it can get dangerous, sony for example recalled hundred and thousands of laptops, so now in the laptop industry this has now become rarity, as the problems happened these firms adapt, they learnt to source the batteries from the best companies.

I can see the same happening for the hoverboards and drones, the manufacturers will make amends to avoid cheap batteries, so for those people who say everything thats comes out of china is dodgy and cheap are very very wrong,  china make your iphone!

Vaping industry problems are slightly similar but more complex, yes we also have battery issues, many many vendors buy batteries from untrusted source, there are so many re wraps in the industry (batteries made from a factory but rebranded by another), remember there only a hand full of real battery manufacturers in the world, LG chem is one of them, think about it, if there is a more powerful reliable battery in the market dont you think the big companies would have had them first? At this time I wouldnt trust any battery manufacturer apart from samsung and LG even then they have to be purchased from the correct trusted source.

Manufactring a reliable safe battery has to be done in the cleanest of enviroments meaning it costs multi millions to do this, remember a single spec of dust in the manufacturing process can make the battery faulty. At Greyhaze we had a simple policy , LG or Samsung and thats it, we dont care about the latest higher capacity more powerful battery, theres no proof and its dangerous.

Second reason why we have exploding batteries in the vaping industry, consumer error! So may times we have picked up on news about a ecig blowing up on someones face or in pockets, 80% of the time its always mech mods. People are not building coils right, using incorrect chargers, using tanks with mechs, not using the safety lock on the devices. We cant keep blaming the product theres some degree of resposibilty we need to take as a vendor and consumer in educating each other about safety of a vaping device.

Like Sony in the early 2000 our industry is also learning from same issues......we are also evolving.

What can you do to keep safe:

  • Only buy from a reptuble vendor like a good brick mortar store, stay away from anyone that doesnt give you the correct answers
  • Dont buy battery re wraps, stick with LG or Samsung
  • If you are using mechs, dont buy from anyone without studying it first, I recommend again go to a good brick mortar store
  • DO NOT USE any usb charger on your device, although the connection is the same the power output and current is not.
  • Always assure all your devices are authentic.



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