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Hollywood under scrutiny for vaping

Leo Dicaprio isn't just making the news for his acting or his failure to get a oscar, this mammoth actor has been blasted for vaping in the public.

dicapro and tom Hardy at a interview for the Movie "The Revenant" 

We are living in a world where every multi billion pound companies are lining up on the feet of celebrities to promote there next product. its very lucrative, so i can see the anti vaping groups quaking in there boots every time Leo picks up a vaping device.

I find it very funny actually the hollywood ban on vaping it being considered, the same industry that promotes Guns, thats also bloody, gory,  sexual and ultra violent. 

I can't help feeling we live in a hugely hypocritical world

I don't want my kids to vape, and i don't think leonardo will be the cause of that either, but theres many things that we need to worry about in the hollywood industry than to vaping.

We at greyhaze have a under 21 policy, if you look 21 we ask you your id. We will continue to work with our customers to make vaping safe.

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