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asModus Minikin 120w vape Box Mod

asModus Minikin 120w vape Box Mod

Pretty much everyone has a high powered box mod these days, there are even boxes with triple 18650s giving you outstanding battery life. However leaving you with an unwieldy and heavy box mod unless of course you don't mind such things. For those of us who do, the answer lies not in increasing the number of batteries, but improving the chip and functioning of dual 18650 mods! 

The asMODus Minikin does just that, utilizing just two 18650s in a small a space as they could manage, they have released a compact box mod with battery saving capabilities that could potentially increase battery life by 15% - 30%!

Available in a variety of colours to match any RDA or tank you decide to use it with, an outstandingly tiny form factory for a dual 18650 box mod the Minikin is sure to blow you away when you have it in your palm. With an ergonomic form factor the asModus Minikin Box Mod is sure to take the mantle as the premier budget high wattage box mod available today. A must have for any heavy duty vaper!

Available from January at! Click Here.

Product Specifications:

  • Chip : GX120V 2 
  • Battery : 2 * 18650 High Amp Flat Top Batteries 
  • Wattage Range (VW MODE with support for SS wire) : 5.0 Watts - 120.0 Watts 
  • Wattage Range (TCMODE) : 5.0 Watts - 60.0 Watts 
  • Atomizer Ohm Range : 0.1 Ohm - 2.5 Ohms 
  • Temperature Control Range : 212° F - 572° F / 100° C - 300 ° C 
  • Max output voltage: 7.5 Volts 
  • Output peak current : 35.0 Amps 
  • Output voltage range : 6.4 Volts - 9.0 Volts 
  • Input Peak Current: 35.0 Amps 
  • Display Operating Current : 25 mA 
  • Standby Current : < 350 uA 
  • Standby Time: 10S 
  • Vaping Time : 10S 
  • Work Efficiency: 94%

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