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5 Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers

5 Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers

We’re going to take a look at the best vapes for heavy smokers and how we can help you find the best vape to quit smoking - if you’re a heavy smoker, kick back and keep reading for the advice and tips on how you can successfully switch from smoking to vaping.


    1. Introduction
    2. The Journey from Smoking to Vaping
    3. Understanding Alternatives to Smoking
    4. Starter Vape Kits
    5. MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vape Kits
    6. IQOS
    7. 5 Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers
    8. 5 Best Vapes Overview
    9. Xros 3 Nano Pod Vape by Vaporesso
    10. Endura T20s Starter Kit by Innokin
    11. Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit by OXVA
    12. Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit by Lost Vape
    13. Endura APEX Vape Starter Kit by Innokin
    14. Choosing the Right E-Liquid for your Vape
    15. Why it’s Important to Choose the right Vape Liquid
    16. Nicotine in E-Liquids
    17. VG/PG - Which E-Liquid Ratio is Right?
    18. Resources and Support for Quitting Smoking



The smoking scene has shifted significantly in recent years. As more heavy smokers seek healthier alternatives to their habit, the groundwork is being laid for the rise of vaping as a preferred method of nicotine consumption. The move from inhaling the harmful smoke of cigarettes to inhaling the safer vapour from e-cigarettes and vapes appears to be a promising path. As we go forward in this evolving field, it is critical to recognize the importance that selecting the correct vaping equipment can play in ensuring a smooth transition.


For long-term smokers, making this adjustment can feel like entering into unknown terrain. The good news is that there is a thriving market of vaping products tailored to meet a variety of preferences and demands. As a habitual smoker, you'd want something that mimics the nicotine rush of a cigarette, but how do you decide which one to get? This article tries to bridge the knowledge gap and help you make an informed decision by providing you with an exclusive roundup of the 5 best vapes for heavy smokers.


The Journey from Smoking to Vaping

The risky journey of a smoker is frequently tarnished by the lurking shadows of multiple health hazards, as recorded in countless studies and research. Smoking, a behaviour that has been ingrained in communities for centuries, has a substantial negative impact on one's health. The bleak statistics and painful stories of people suffering from smoking-related ailments are not uncommon. In this story, vaping appears as a ray of hope, a possible means to gradually break free from the constraints of excessive smoking. We hope to shed light on this promising shift by investigating how vaping can be a stepping stone to reclaiming one's health.

As you venture into the world of vaping, you might find it to be a haven that allows you to maintain a semblance of your smoking routine, yet with reduced harmful consequences. According to various research initiatives, including insights from Cancer Research UK, vaping is associated with fewer health risks compared to traditional smoking. The essence of vaping lies in the absence of combustion, which means that you are not inhaling the myriad of harmful substances that are released through the burning of tobacco. This distinction places vaping as a viable alternative for those seeking to quit smoking, providing a gentler slope to walk down the path of nicotine reduction.

However, the move from smoking to vaping is a transformative experience that demands knowledge, preparation, and the correct resources. This transition entails embracing a culture that prioritises well-being and health, as well as cultivating a community that supports one another on the path to quitting smoking. 


Understanding Alternatives to Smoking

As we navigate the complicated world of vaping, it's critical to grasp the wide selection of goods on the market. Acquainting yourself with the many sorts of vapes accessible is an essential step in your journey. 

Starter Vape Kits

Your initial port of call may be the wealth of possibilities contained within the world of vape starter kits. These kits are often sold as a whole bundle, including all of the necessary components to get you started on your vaping journey. These kits are designed to accommodate both novices and veterans in the vaping world, with simple designs and user-friendly features.

MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vape Kits

You might be interested in MTL (Mouth to Lung) vapes, a category that is popular among heavy smokers looking for a vape that provides a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette. MTL kits are well-known for simulating the restricting draw of a cigarette, resulting in a smoother transition for individuals trying to quit smoking. These kits prioritise flavour and nicotine satisfaction, providing a balanced experience that doesn't sway too far from traditional smoking.


During your exploration, you may come across IQOS, a relatively fresh newcomer to the vaping sphere. IQOS is a system that uses actual tobacco, albeit without the combustion process. This breakthrough bridges the gap between vaping and smoking by providing the true flavour of tobacco without all of the dangerous byproducts of combustion. For more information on how IQOS works, check out their page, here.


5 Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers

Trying to discover the perfect vape can often feel like a maze, especially given the vast number of options available today. However, setting criteria that might assist sift through the noise and zero in on items that correspond with your needs as a heavy smoker is the cornerstone of this process. 

Power level, battery life, convenience of use, and the quality of the vape itself should all be considered during the selection process. As we progress through this list, we are going to uncover a list of the market's top contenders, each of which stands as a beacon of quality and satisfaction, promising a fulfilling transition from smoking to vaping.

5 Best Vapes Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 best vapes for heavy smokers


Xros 3 Nano

Endura T20s 

Xlim Pro

Ursa Baby Pro

Endura APEX





Lost Vape


Usability Rating






Battery Life






Price Range






Coil or Pod













Xros 3 Nano Pod Vape by Vaporesso

Hold the future in your hand with the Vaporesso Xros 3 Nano Pod Vape. This spectacular piece of technology brings a harmonious blend of compact design and powerful performance. With a 1000mAh battery ensuring long-lasting usage and a type-C port for quick charging, it promises a hassle-free experience. Dive into a world where convenience meets modernity with Vaporesso. Get ready to transform your smoking sojourn into a delightful vape voyage with this nano pod vape kit.


Endura T20s Starter Kit by Innokin

Embark on a seamless transition from smoking with the Innokin Endura T20s Starter Kit. Known for its robust build quality and exceptional battery life, this starter kit promises a rich and satisfying vaping experience. The Prism T20-S tank paired with a 1500mAh battery provides a perfect harmony of flavour and vapour. Innokin invites you to a world where sleek design meets unmatched functionality, promising you a smoother journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit by OXVA

The OXVA Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit is an ultra-portable pod vape packed with features that will appeal to both new and experienced vapers. Enjoy a personalised experience with adjustable wattage up to 25W, allowing you to perfect your vaping session. The Xlim Pro is a testament to OXVA's commitment to quality and innovation, with its visually appealing design and OLED screen that tracks your puff history and battery life. 


Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit by Lost Vape

With the Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit, you can enter the world of quality vaping. This masterpiece promises more than just a vape; it promises an experience rich in fantastic features and outstanding performance. It comes with a high-capacity 900mAh battery and a USB Type-C connection for faster charging, ensuring hours of uninterrupted vaping. Its slim and ergonomic design ensures a pleasant grip, making vaping sessions a joy. Discover a luxurious and satisfying voyage with Lost Vape.


Endura APEX Vape Starter Kit by Innokin

With the Innokin Endura APEX Vape Starter Kit, you might just become a part of the vaping revolution. This miracle of a MTL Vape Pen combines a gorgeous aesthetic with tremendous performance, giving a vaping experience that is a cut above the rest. The kit includes a 1800mAh battery, which ensures long-lasting sessions with an endless supply of delicious flavour. Innokin provides a device that not only aids in quitting smoking but also prepares the way for a pleasurable journey full of fragrant clouds and satisfaction.

Finding the right vaping device is a crucial step in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, especially for heavy smokers. These products represent the pinnacle of technology, design, and functionality in the vaping industry, offering both novice and experienced users a stellar experience. From long-lasting batteries to adjustable wattage and sophisticated designs, these kits embody innovation and quality. 

Transitioning from smoking to vaping has never been easier or more enjoyable; choose your companion wisely and embrace a smoke-free future with Grey Haze as your guide.

We’ve made these recommendations based on years of experience as well as customer feedback to provide you with a list of the Best Vapes for heavy smokers and quitting smoking; if you have more questions or are still unsure, you can contact our Customer Service team at any time, or visit one of our stores.


Choosing the Right E-liquids for your Vape

Starting your vaping journey requires not only the right vape kit for you, but also the right e-liquid to go with it. The market is swamped with vape liquids, each with their own distinct qualities and flavours. 

As a beginner, you may be lured to e-liquids that taste similar to regular cigarettes. However, as you explore deeper, you will discover a lively world of flavours ranging from fruity to dessert-like, and even beverage-flavoured alternatives. 

Why it’s Important to Choose the right Vape Liquid

Your vape juice of choice might have a significant impact on your experience; it's not just the flavour e-liquid that matters, but also the nicotine type, concentration, and PG/VG ratio. 

Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision in buying an e-liquid that is compatible with your new vape, as well as your preferences and the performance of your vape. Remember that what works for one person may not work for another, so don't be afraid to experiment with the enormous array of

vape liquid options available to you.

Nicotine in E-Liquids

Another important element to consider is the nicotine level in e-liquids, especially for heavy smokers who want to progressively lower their nicotine intake. Vape liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, allowing you to start with a higher concentration and progressively work your way down to lower levels of nicotine or even nicotine-free alternatives. 

It's a gradual journey of decrease that aligns nicely with your goal of quitting smoking and is greatly supported by the variety of options available. Here’s a quick look at what nicotine strength could be right for you:


Cigarettes Per Day

Recommended Strength

(Nicotine Salt E-Liquids)

Recommended Strength

(Freebase Nicotine E-Liquids)

20+ a day

20mg (2%)

18mg (1.8%)

15 - 20 per day

20mg (2%)

12mg (1.2%)

10 - 15 per day

10mg (1%)

9mg (0.9%)

5 - 10 per day

5mg (0.5%) or 10mg (1%)

6mg (0.6%)

5> a day

5mg (0.5%)

3mg (0.3%)


VG/PG - Which E-Liquid Ratio is Right?

the PG (Propylene Glycol) to VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio in e-liquids can significantly affect your vaping experience. 

While PG offers more flavour and a stronger throat hit, VG ensures denser clouds and a smoother throat feel. Depending on whether you're a fan of robust flavours or a cloud chaser, your preference in this ratio can vary. Many vapers find a balanced ratio to offer the best of both worlds, providing a satisfying throat hit and substantial vapour production.

For MTL  (Mouth-to-Lung) vapes we’d recommend a 50% PG (or more) in your e-liquid, as the majority of MTL vapes, such as starter kits and pod vapes are less powerful, and so require thinner vape liquids to work effectively.

Remember, the right e-liquid can make all the difference, turning your vaping journey from a mere smoking alternative to an enjoyable hobby.


Resources and Support for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is a respectable first step toward a healthy living. However, it is not without its difficulties. It is critical to surround oneself with materials and a support network that can assist and motivate you throughout the process. 

Fortunately, there are various services available to help you through this change. Organisations such as the NHS provide a wealth of information, recommendations, and support systems to assist you in effectively quitting smoking. These tools can be your guiding light, bringing you through the difficult spots with ease and confidence, from tips on how to handle urges to designing a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Furthermore, organisations like Asthma & Lung provide thorough information and support to help you quit. These platforms not only educate you on the dangers of smoking, but also offer strategies and support systems to help you quit successfully.


Navigating the transition from smoking to vaping can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and resources, it can indeed become a journey marked with self-discovery and fulfilment. The world of vaping opens up a panorama of opportunities to explore flavours, experiences, and a community bound by a common goal - a healthier lifestyle. Equipped with the ideal vape kit and e-liquids, coupled with an array of valuable resources and support systems, you are well on your way to crafting a smoke-free narrative for yourself. 


Remember, every step taken towards quitting smoking is a victory in itself, a testament to your resilience and commitment to embracing a brighter, healthier future.

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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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