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Top 5 eLiquids To Compliment Your Summer!

At Grey haze we take pride in providing the best for our customers.  We have a strong team of staff researching day and night to bring in the best products to introduce to our customers as we know the market is changing rapidly there are new products being introduced every day. The eliquids we will be talking about today are our top selling and favorite brands for the summer.

  1. VGOD:
  3. KILO
  5. 12 MONKEYS



It was a no brainer to put VGOD on top as our number one eliquid. VGOD has been a game changer in 2015’s UK vape scene. Their premium range consists of six unique and rich flavors which are very impressive considering there are high VG based eliquids to insure you vape out any room or warehouse you’re in. Essential for performing the best vape tricks and cloud competitions!



It can be easily justified putting Cashmere Millionaires in number two, it’s complex blend of flavors with very artistic premium label packaging is a brilliant combinations to give you a sense of the premium in every sense. All five flavors are mixed in 60:40 VG:PG ratio, giving vapers the perfect ratio for brilliant flavor and fantastic vapor production. 



There are many eliquids out there but KILO stands out with its simple packaging but mouthwatering flavoring, dense flavoring which will make it seem you have a mouthful of eliquid! (70:30 VG:PG mix).

KILO has most certainly put their mark on the eliquid industry with their flavorings. 



Any vaper who uses tank/RTA/RBA and seeking for rich flavored eliquids, there’s no need to look any further. Hold Fast is a new brand straight out of the USA utilizing a 50:50 blend for a gorgeous mix ideal for tanks and to bring out the best of their flavoring.  Its five flavors cover lovers of fruity vapes, sweet and cool vapes.




Without any debate USA eliquids have taken over all around the world but 12 Monkeys have entered our top five, coming from Canada with five premium flavored eliquids which are unique and high VG based designed for drippers, intense flavoring and maximum vapor production. 12 monkeys have set themselves apart and are giving the americans a run for their money!


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