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What would Arnold Schwarzenegger vape? join in!


What setups do you think certain celebrities or characters from your favourite shows would vape?

Well we’ve started it off so add your two pence in the comments! The best one will be chosen by our CEO in one weeks time (12/05/15) on our FACEBOOK, the winner will receive a 30ml bottle of VGOD juice in the flavour of your choice!

So heres what we’ve got, lets see what you guys have!

Arnold Schwarzenegger/The Terminator: “Give me your clothes, your money and you vaporiser!” 

Jack Black: “Says it all really doesn’t it…”

Sigourney Weaver/Ellen Ripley: “A badass looking Mod for a badass mothervaper!”

Daenerys Targaryen: “Taxidermy Mods?” 

C3PO: “Always hand in hand, R2 and C3PO! Did you know the actors actually hated each other?”

Sherlock Holmes: “A perfect fit for the last piece of the puzzle” LOLOLOLOLOL

Charlie Sheen: “I don’t think he knows whats going on in general, but hey, wishful thinking right?!” 

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  • Posted by 1 on December 13, 2015


  • Posted by 1 on December 13, 2015


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