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Celebrity Vapers!

Celebrity Vapers!

A long list of Celebrity vapers is starting to emerge at the moment, everyday there is a new picture of an A lister vaping and enjoying it, it begs the question:

If vaping is so bad for you then why would A list Celebrities, people who are constantly in the lime light and have such a huge influence on people be openly vaping in public for all to see?

I mean come on, these are the people that don’t give a rats arse about the cost of smoking, they sneeze into dollar bills to realise they just made another million! These are high class individuals who are vaping for the enjoyment of doing it at the high cost of life!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Moss

Robert Pattinson

June Brown (Dot Cotton - Eastenders)

Paris Hilton

Jack Nicholson

Norman Reedus

Katherine Heigl

Katy Perry

Britney Spears

Willie Nelson

Eddie Van Halen

Snoop Dogg - Despite his other antics

Even Nick Clegg the leader of the British Liberal Democrat party has been spotted recently using an ecig. This list goes on, these people can see how it is the most effective way of successfully staying off traditional cigarettes and how it is saving lives across the world.

Is it really as bad as these researchers are making it out to be, considering half the research is being carried out by people that don’t vape? An example of this research: 5 Volts through a 2 ohm coil. Come on guys, really?

Give us your opinion in the comments below!

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