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Sigelei slows down the Rat Race!

The Sigelei 30 watt mini in most vapers minds would be a good firm step backwards as China seems to be in the midst of a huge power race as to who can create the most powerful regulated box mod, Pioneer 4U with the iPV3 (150W), Sigelei with the 100W Plus and the 150W and last but not least Cloupor with the T8 (150W). For Sigelei to release the 30W mini in the middle of this huge battle of power it would seem like a “two steps forward, three steps back” kind of move, the reality however is far from what it seems...


Sigelei have clearly watched and thought thoroughly about how the market is moving and where to pin point their next move with their 30W Mini. Aspire released the “Atlantis” with the “CF Sub Ohm” battery and everyone, even seasoned re-buildable dripping vapers swarmed vendors with demand, Kangertech then released the “Subtank” which does the same job, but with what some may say “better features”. However Kangertech didn't release a power horse to run the Subtank, leaving an open gap in the manufacturers market, Sigelei saw this coming. Only days after the release of the Subtank, Sigelei released the “Sigelei 30W Mini” and oh what a delight this little device is.


This 30-Watt device is absolutely stunning. It’s small, regulated, lightweight and runs off a single 18650 battery with a pass-through system for charging. Standing just 90.3mm high, 36mm wide and 22mm in depth it fits into your trouser pocket or even a shirt pocket with ease and without weighing you down! The battery door is fully magnetic so no screws to annoy you when removing the battery, (not that you should need to anyway because of the pass-through system). It even comes with a silicone protective case straight out of the box. There are three function buttons to navigate with, power and wattage up/down and the chip has a mode setting so you can set certain wattages and save them. The 510 connection has a spring loaded self adjusting pin so all of your devices will fit nice and flush for that aesthetic satisfaction we all crave and the Subtank range all look fantastic when on this box, even the larger Subtank with the beauty plinth. It features DC-DC mode meaning you can bypass the chip system completely and use it as a Mech Mod, or run it in PWM mode utilising the functionality of the chip for that consistent voltage throughout the majority of the battery life. The chip will let you run resistances from 0.3 to 3.0 ohms and will literally tell you if something is wrong with your setup or unsafe. The on screen data gives you your Wattage (variable from 5-30), the resistance of your coil, the battery level and the Voltage being used from your battery.


It has taken me two weeks to come to terms with the fact that this box is a phenomenal piece of kit and I really struggled to find anything actually wrong with it. I would hate to come to the table with a “too good to be true” statement and I almost thought I would have to until it dawned on me, the pass through system on this device is fantastic and works brilliantly but the USB port is situated on the bottom meaning you cant stand it up when charging. I know a lot of people would find this annoying but if I am completely honest, the performance of this device and the pros to it outweigh this tiny con my miles. I am personally used to dripping at 60-85 watts and have spent hundreds of pounds on vape gear in the past, but when I fired the Sigelei mini up for the first time with the Subtank on it my face lit up like a child on Christmas day when they see that Santa has been. After seeing the performance with the Subtank it made me curious as to how it would perform with an RTA at around 0.5 ohms (dual coil) so I took the Billow to it, again at 30 watts the Sigelei took it like a pro, full on flavour and full on clouds although a slightly cooler vape.


In conclusion the Sigelei 30W mini is a must have for any vapers collection and for the price at GreyHaze of just £39.99 you just cant go wrong. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this device and have personally recommended it to friends and fellow vapers only to received good feedback and praise. As far as Sigelei are concerned, they have definitely proved that power isn’t everything and sometimes its good to just sit back and watch the madness to create the means to an end. Well done Sigelei, you timed it perfectly.

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