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We all know that (from the evidence collated and pure common sense) that using ecigs is better for your health than smoking traditional e cigs. However have you ever considered the health of the planet? If you are a keen vaper, you may have wondered if e cigs are better for the environment than traditional cigarettes. Here are a few reasons (or pieces of information) that makes us believe that e cigs are better for the environment than traditional cigarettes.


Vaping E Cigarettes for a Better World

The Big Butt

Cigarette butts make up 38% of the litter worldwide, making it the most littered item in the world, according to Earth911.com. Obviously this has a huge impact on the environment as countries struggle to cope with the costs of the clean up. At the last count 5.5 trillion analog cigarettes are produced globally every year and this number keeps on increasing. In addition, cigarette butts are not biodegradable.


Where The Cigarette Butts End Up

When a cigarette butt is improperly discarded, it can end up being washed or blown into drains and water. This can release toxic chemicals which can have devastating consequences on water creatures plus birds who mistake the cigarette butts for food.


Air Pollution

Smokers produce 84,878 tons of air pollution each year. Putting that into context:  This is 50 percent of the fumes that cars produce in the USA. Not only are these pollutants, they are also poisonous compounds—ammonia, acetone, arsenic, formaldehyde, tar, and carbon monoxide. 


In light of these facts,  how can electric cigarettes offer to provide a solution?

Quite obviously e cigs do not leave any little in form of cig butts. As an added benefit, electric cigarettes allow the user to “reduce, reuse, recycle”, as one e-cig cartomizer is equal to about 40 analog cigarettes, users can reduce the amount of waste produced. Most e cigs are also completely recyclable.


ECigs do not release any toxic and poisonous fumes. E cig vapour is made up of naturally occurring materials such as gas, water, air and propylene glycol (PG). Water and nicotine are naturally occurring gases and PG is an organic compound.


Are there any environmental negatives?

A common argument is that  the production of e-cigs is more harmful than it’s worth. In other words, the air pollution emitted by the factories outweighs any potential good. Though if everyone smoked ecigs then quick there would be less tobacco factories, which are also responsible for air pollution when they make their product.


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