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BDC Maxi Ecig Kit Guide

Aspire BDC Maxi Kit Instructions





To turn on the battery click the button 5 times in quick succession. The LED light will blink and the unit will be ready to use. The battery can be turned off by again clicking the button 5 times.



To charge the battery


  • Unscrew the MAXI clearomizer from the battery.
  • Take your USB charger and plug it in to an appropriate wall plug or usb socket.
  • Screw your battery in to the top of the charger being careful not to over tighten it.
  • The LED indicator on the USB charger will turn red, once the unit is fully charger the LED will turn green.
  • Do not leave the battery on charge for extended periods of time, as this can damage the battery.
  • Do not leave the battery unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Only use a wall plug with matching out puts as the back of the USB charger, not doing so can cause the plug to fail!



Maxi Clearomizer:


The maxi clearomizer can be fully disassembled for cleaning, the mouth piece, is also removable, to allow the use of custom mouth pieces. The coil can also be replaced! This means you can simply insert a new coil in to the unit instead of throwing it away!




To fill the BDC Maxi


  • Turn the unit upside down and twist open from the knurling on the base of the unit. This should reveal the coil housing.
  • Pour the liquid in to the tank along the sides avoiding the central tube.
  • Twist the coil housing back on and screw the Maxi in to the battery.
  • Allow the eliquid up to 2 minutes to soak in to the coil before firing the unit.
  • If you have purchased a variable voltage unit, turn the voltage down to 3.2v, once the unit is firing and producing vapour you then turn the voltage up to the desired level.
  • Firing the unit for the first time at a high voltage can damage the coil. It can take a few hours for a new clearomizer to start producing proper flavour and vapour!



To replace the coil


  • Unscrew the coil housing as stated above.
  • Unscrew the coil which sits inside the knurled base, simply replace the coil and screw the base back in to the clearomizer, again allowing the eliquid time to soak in to the coil before firing.
  • Coils generally last from 1 to 4 weeks. Some eliquids heavy in flavouring can shorten the life span of a coil significantly.
  • Do not over tighten the Clearomizer when screwing it on to the battery!





  • Sometimes the MAXI will abruptly stop working. A common cause for this is the use of different types of batteries. The base of the MAXI which screws in to the battery has a floating pin, this can be pushed in too far when screwing and unscrewing the clearomizer, which can cause the unit to stop working! To fix this simply pry the pin out a few millimetres, this will now allow the pin to make contact with the battery.
  • NEVER fill the MAXI from the top!
  • If you flood your unit, you will hear gurgling and notice a significantly reduced amount of vapour as well as eliquid in the mouth piece. If this occurs, turn the maxi upside down and hold a tissue at the base of the clearomizer, blow in to the mouth piece until all excess eliquid is cleared from the central chamber. The maxi MUST be turned upside down when doing this or air pressure will force liquid out the tank and out the bottom of the clearomizer!
  • Email us at info@triadacorp.co.uk if you have any issues or queries!

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