Scottish Hospitals Allow E-Cigs on Hospital Grounds


Scottish Hospitals Allow E-Cigs on Hospital Grounds

This news will be music to the ears of our scottish vapers. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Director of Public Health, Dr Emilia Crighton announced recently that e-cigs can now be used on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde grounds. This includes patients, visitors and staff.

The move will support the effort to cut smoking rates, with e-cigs found to be 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Dr Crighton said, "It is clear from research carried out by Public Health England, ourselves and others, that e-cigarettes do have their place in the fight against tobacco and are being used effectively to help people stop smoking altogether.

"In NHS GGC we have carried out our own research which has revealed that some 32% of smokers in our health board area intend to use e-cigarettes in their next quit attempt and that 18% of recent ex-smokers used them to help give up tobacco in the past 12 months.

"It is therefore very important that we organise our services to ensure that that we can safely and effectively manage the use e-cigarettes as part of suite of services to help people give up tobacco."

It’s a change in views after e-cigarettes were banned from Scotland hospital grounds just a year ago. The Scottish government said it was up to individual health boards to decide whether to ban e-cigs or not.

All but one health board in Scotland decided to ban the devices. The move wasn’t down to proof of the devices being harmful to the public or the user, but they were down to the perception of vaping, and providing a negative role model for young people.

Where else is it allowed? 

So, vaping is now allowed on hospital grounds, but where else can you happily vape without limits? Firstly, vaping is generally banned on planes ,with the exception of Ryanair. Although the airline doesn’t allow e-cigs on its planes, it does sell its own smokeless cigarettes, which aren’t electric but work like nicotine inhalers. The packets of ten cigarettes cost £5.40. 

Elsewhere, vaping is generally banned on trains and coaches in the UK, with the exception of a few local operators including Southeastern Trains. Most of the big operators of public transport however, will boot off vapers for pulling out their devices, including National Express, Virgin Trains and London Buses.

Vaping in sports stadiums is also banned, including the stadiums of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. Burnley on the other hand has created a ‘vape-friendly’ zone, and have partnered up with vaping companies through club sponsorships. We’re guessing the owner of the club must an elite vaper!

Supermarkets have also banned the use of e-cigs, even though most of the major supermarkets sell e-cigs at their counters.


So, great news for our fellow scots. You can now vape away on hospital grounds. Although, vaping is still prohibited from inside hospitals, but it’s certainly some great progress, and should have a positive effect on the amount of cigarette smokers in the country.












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