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New York Fashion Week & Vaping

New York Fashion Week & Vaping

This season we’ve seen a visual feast of enchanting designs gracing the runway, from lace valour to vaping! That’s right, vape is the new black and fashion bible, Vogue, is one of the first to showcase it’s wonderment alongside luxury fashion.

In September 2015, Korean American fashion designer, Richard Chai honoured his spring 2016 menswear show guests with gift bags including branded Pax vaporisers. These particular vaping devices do not process liquid nicotine, but ‘loose leaf plant matter’ meaning you can stuff it with tobacco (and other things). However, fast forward to February 2016 and e-cigarettes are making headlines in the world of fashion as ‘General Idea’ designer, Bumsuk Choi, sends his male models down the catwalk clutching vape pens as if they were handbags.

Baja East streetwear impresarios Scott Studenberg and John Targon sent blu vaporisers down their catwalk in an attempt to connect their urban designs with the modern, moving and ever changing world. With celebrity advocates on board such as Leonardo DiCaprio - vaping is catching and growing at an exciting pace! 

So vaping is now considered stylish - is it a fad phase or is it likely to stay? Whatever happens, it’s great news for us vaping-fanatics! The more coverage our lifestyle and products get the bigger our culture becomes. According to Bloomberg Industries the e-cigarette industry was estimated to be worth $1.5 billion back in 2014 and is expected to boom to around $50 billion by 2025 - that’s an incredible uptake!

Smoking is an inevitable activity, like indulging in fine foods and drink. No matter how much we inform and display the negative connotations, damaging side effects and even fatal consequences from overindulgence - it is considered a pleasurable past time, so it will continue to be a part of our leisure. However, with the sudden hype for healthier, greener living, fitness and active lifestyles, it’s no surprise that one of the most influential industries in the world, wants to get in on the goodness of vaping.

How do we make eating our favourite foods better for our bodies? We don’t stop, we simply limit and exercise; balance our diets and ensure that whenever we do have something a little naughty, it’s out weighed with our better habits. The world is going crazy over veganism and vegetarianism (it’s a brilliant march forward!), eco-friendly fashion and sustainable living, so of course, for those who smoke who want to keep the pleasure and lifestyle but want to ditch the harmful tobacco - vaping is our healthier alternative. 

If we revisit the 1990s and admire the stunning photographic artwork that captured Kate Moss smoking cigarettes, it was a thing of glamour. Can we envision a future supermodel graciously carrying an e-cigarette between her fingers?Yes we can. Healthy is the new glamorous, and if
smoking is here to stay then why not choose nicotine-free vaping as the alternative!

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