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Vaping Culture: Inspired Instagram or Instagram Inspired?

The popularity of Instagram has soared, skyrocketed, EXPLODED over the past couple of years. Our newsfeeds are clogged with masses of all encompassing rose filtered images which boast the perfect life. How does she look so candid? Why are those colours so striking? How did they afford to go there? Why did he choose to buy that – maybe I should too? These are the thoughts which constantly spiral around our subconscious when we’re exposed to the stunning (and not so real) lifestyle of the trendsetting Instagram.



A very well known and very effective marketing strategy that has been exploited by commercial companies for decades is getting consumers to buy into a lifestyle; not just buy a product, but a lifestyle. In the past, these commercial giants achieved this through large billboards covered with images and slogans. These days, Instagram appears to be the new found favourite forum for selling a lifestyle, and not just for companies. Celebrities set incredibly high and unrealistic lifestyle standards for their followers on Instagram - take any of the Kardashians for example who promote levels of wealth and vanity that are just not achievable for the everyday person.

However, other Instagram accounts endorse a far more realistic lifestyle (but a lifestyle all the same) which offers people the chance to be inspired in a not-so-out-of-reach way. A prime example of this is the vaping industry. Whilst originally created to wean tobacco smokers off the cancer-inducing cylinders, a culture has been bred out of the tasty smelling vapour and evolved into a well established world full of tattoos, snapbacks, booze, raves, expos and sugary food.


Looking around at the masses of incredibly culture specific vaping Instagram accounts, it’s clear that the edgy lifestyle being promoted is really helping to bring together a community of ex-smokers who have picked up e-cigarettes as a hobby to distract them from their deadly addiction. This exciting, fast paced and alternative lifestyle has for many, been the solid foundation for switching to and sticking to e-cigarettes. But, because of its off-beat and very specific nature, the lifestyle can be hard to maintain all day everyday which is part of the reason why people will click that follow button on so many vaping lifestyle Instagram accounts…

Instagram has proven itself to be not just an influencer, but a reminder and constant inspiration for those in the vaping community. By continuously promoting the attractiveness, endearment and effortlessly cool nature of the vaping lifestyle, people are encouraged and reminded to stick to the tobacco free alternative on a regular basis; similarly, it’s a great way to stay connected to the community. The more eye-catching and aspirational the images are, the more likely people are to buy into the lifestyle and therefore, the vaping products. This is what makes Instagram such a competitive and saturated forum for vaping lifestylists; after all – vapour is incredibly photogenic.

For us, we believe that the vaping culture inspired the awesome Instagram and other social media accounts out there. However, it seems that these accounts have begun to seep into and influence how some vapers choose to live out their vaping lifestyle. This could be down to which e-liquid flavours to choose, to finding tattoo inspiration. 

Either way, it’s indisputable that the culture portrayed through these edited and filtered images are a benchmark for the vaping lifestylists. The stunning images offer a sense of escapism whilst still keeping the yardstick realistic and the concept of the ultimate vaping lifestyle very desirable.

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